Hi! I'm Andrei, Full Stack developer, 15 years xp.

Skills: Backend: NodeJS, Javascript, Typescript, .NET w/ C#, Go, C++, AWS Cloud Services, CI/CD pipelines. Frontend: ReactJS, Angular.

Preferences: long term contracts (1 year or over), full stack projects. Also welcome are Golang or C++ (entry level) opportunities. .

My LinkedIn profile.

I also make videos on algorithms here. Portfolio and contact methods below.

Apps I made

Frontend: React Zustand Typescript Material UI
Backend: NestJS Typescript PostgreSQL Prisma ORM WebSockets

An app that I built to manage my investments portfolio, by closely monitoring the market movements for my active investments. It uses Digital Ocean as cloud.

Frontend: Flutter Dart
Backend: C# DynamoDB AWS CDK (infra as code)

An app to manage your real life tasks, and a real-time achievement system that listens to your tasks and motivates you. Cross-platform, written mostly with C# on backend, AWS CDK for infra as code, Flutter/Dart on frontend and various AWS services.

Fitness Manager App
Frontend: React Redux Typescript Google Firebase Material UI
Backend: C# DynamoDB AWS CDK (infra as code)

React app showcasing creation of personalized fitness workouts from a pool of available exercises.

Frontend: Angular Typescript RxJS Material UI

An Angular app that uses RxJS to create graphical Pomodoro timers which help you with your time management.

Backend: NestJS Docker NodeJS Typescript Prisma ORM Pactum E2E Testing

A NestJS RESTful API with JWT authentication, demonstrating backend best practices and design patterns.

Algorithms & Data Structures, explained

I make video content on various algorithms and data structures in Go and C#.